Happy endings always start with hope


5x15 A Hole in the World - dvd commentary


"and that is why pink ribbons are for boobies." -hank green

Every Glee song ever 
Everybody Wants To Rule The World


*Not the full song* (It’s missing about a minute or so at the end) but here’s Darren and Ingrid singing Over You

"why just do when you can overdo?"

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This is a video my best friend sent me from the Ingrid concert tonight where she’s introducing Darren and they talk a bit (excuse my other friend yelling she’s sorry to me since I’m not there)

“I’m just an Ingrid super-fan that she let on stage! I used to wait outside for hours to see Ingrid. And now I’m on stage with her. How fucking weird is that? Do you wanna make pretty sounds?”
— Darren Criss [x] (via jenndesq)

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